Pipe Gantry and Access System - Ice Cream Factory

Project Name:
Pipe Gantry and Access System – Ice Cream Factory

BDR Stainless was awarded the Design, Engineering, Fabrication and Installation of the Pipe Gantry System running c. 2,500m of hygienic process piping in between, over and around a complex maze of existing infrastructures of an operating Ice Cream factory. With BDR’s precise design and engineering the Pipe Gantry was fabricated and installed millimeter perfect.  

BDR Stainless designed and engineered the Pipe Gantry System to be prefabricated in our Tingalpa workshop with the absolute confidence that when craning the 6m modules on-site between, around and through a complex maze of existing building infrastructure, process piping, electrical trays, access systems and tanks etc. the Pipe Gantry System would not impede any the infrastructure and fit perfectly into place. This was achieved by performing over 60 3D Laser Scans onsite and then stitching all the scans together to create one single a highly accurate 3D model of the plant and its infrastructure for the Pipe Gantry System to be designed around. The install of the Pipe Gantry System was completed within 1 week with no delays or reworks ready for BDR to install c. 2,500m of hygienic food grade process piping.

AS/NZ 4801:2008

AS/NZ 14001:2008

ISO 9001:2015

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