BDR Stainless complies with all relevant Australian and international risk management legislation and regulatory acts. We are dedicated to maintaining our zero lost time frequency rate.

Health, Safety Environmental and Quality Systems

Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection is at the core of all BDR Stainless’s activities.  

We take pride in our 3rd party accredited Integrated Management System (IMS) so when you chose to work with our company you are assured that your work will be delivered safely, to the highest quality and with minimum impact to the environment.

Our employees and sub-contractors are well presented and pride themselves on adhering to the IMS systems and processes.  At BDR Stainless, Safety Quality and Environmental protection are more than just “Systems and Paperwork”.  As a company, that includes the  senior management team, to the newest apprentice we have created a culture, where the highest standards are the minimum requirement. 

BDR Stainless complies with all relevant Australian and international risk management legislation and regulatory acts and we are dedicated to a “Zero Harm” philosophy through a TRIFR of Zero.







AS/NZ 4801:2008

AS/NZ 14001:2008

ISO 9001:2015

Occupational Health and Safety

BDR Stainless’s responsibilities and requirements within Occupational Health and Safety
legislation and codes of practice include:

  • On-site Risk Assessments
  • Safe Work Systems
  • Site Safety Management Plan
  • Detailed Safety Manual 
  • Instructions and supervision for all employees, visitors and contractors on BDR Stainless and client premises
  • Extensive Induction Process.
  • Regular Maintenance of our Plant and Equipment
  • Employee consultation and training on changes to work practices, new plant and equipment and BDR Stainless OH&S procedures
  • Regular workplace inspections and consultation with employees to prevent accidents and safety hazards
  • Return to Work Program


BDR Stainless strive for continual improvement, prevention of pollution and elimination of unnecessary waste. Scrap metal is recycled and non-recyclable material is disposed of appropriately.

We expect all our employees and contractors to:

  • Comply with Environmental legislation and our Environmental Policy.
  • Support our objective of conducting sound environmental practices.
  • Help identify practices, attitudes and traditions that are likely to harm the environment.
  • Meet or exceed the requirements of current and future environmental legislation.
  • Meet and maintain best practice waste management processes in all our activities
  • In all purchasing decisions we will explore and consider renewable materials or products in our maintenance activities.
  • Strive to reduce our energy consumption wherever possible.
  • Recognise the need to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Minimise harm to flora and fauna on and around our worksites.


The needs and satisfaction of our customers are considered critical success factors for the company.
  We will continue to develop our business to ensure our solutions address the needs of the markets we are serving. Quality is fundamental to all work undertaken by the company and is practised by all personnel as part of their daily activities. Quality is enhanced by working in a systematic manner, in accordance with formalised procedures and work instructions. BDR Stainless understands that all people within the Company, irrespective of position, has a role to fulfil in minimising our environmental impact

  • We keep abreast of our legal and other compliance requirements;
  • The establishment of appropriate quality objectives and targets that are monitored and reviewed;
  • Our customers are satisfied with our services and quality of workmanship;
  • Continuous reviews and updates of our Business Management Systems are undertaken during Management Review Meetings.
  • Meet and maintain best practice waste management processes in all our activities
  • The provision of quality products and services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of quality, on-time delivery and competitiveness;
  • Effective communication with internal and external parties;
  • The immediate notification to customer regarding delays to delivery of products and services;

Transport & Main Roads

In addition to our third-party certifications mentioned, BDR Stainless have also achieved level 1 TMR Accreditation for Queensland Roads. This certifies the company to provide Aluminium and Stainless steel projects for TMR Queensland and their contractors

Industries we work with

We work across a range of industries including industrial, resources commercial, food & beverage and Government.

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  • Energy & Resources
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Regeneration
  • Commercial
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Construction
  • Government & Infrastructure
  • Road / Rail
  • Water
  • Pipelines