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Projects – Engineering, design and delivery for Projects on both greenfield and brownfield sites

WorkShop – Engineering, design, fabrication and certified welding with stainless steel, aluminium and other exotic materials

On-Site Installation/Maintenance – Provide on-site crews for long and short-term maintenance contracts, small projects, refurbishments and shutdowns

  • Projects
  • Site Installation, Relocation Works, Commissioning

    We take the time to understand our clients’ unique project requirements with a flexible and innovative approach. Our experienced staff are from a wide range of specialist trades and have the ability to successfully complete your project.

    Our guaranteed quality workmanship and client satisfaction ensures a smooth integration between BDR/client/project.

  • Workshop
  • Fabrication

    Our Brisbane workshop is well equipped with the latest machinery.  Our well-appointed team has the ability to fabricate to our clients requirements. We apply strict Quality Assurance throughout the life cycle of each project including in-house weld procedures, ITP and MDR’s where required.

  • On-site Installation/Maintenance
  • Modification & Maintenance Contracting

    BDR has excellent mechanical installation knowledge and experience. We have the ability to work within clients needs and have an in-depth understanding of production area requirements to ensure minimal downtime.

    Orbital Welding

    The term “Orbital Welding” is based on the latin word ORBIS = circle.

    The combination “Orbital” and “Welding” specifies a process by which an arc travels circumferentially around a work piece (usually a tube or pipe).
    Orbital Welding is presently used whenever the quality of the weld joint has the highest priority. These demands are not only limited to mechanical strength and X-ray qualification, but also to the important aspects of the aesthetics of the weld seam. For any users a uniform, flat and smooth root-pass is the main reason for using this process.

    Industries we work with

    Energy & Resources


    Government & Infrastructure

    • Mining
    • OIL & Gas
    • Power Regeneration
    • Food and beverage
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Road / Rail
    • Water
    • Pipelines


    BDR Stainless has a well equipped workshop in Tingalpa.  We also have site mobilisation equipment
    which is available to assist in delivering our products and services at our clients premises

    • Break Press  4 meter by 250t
    • Guillotine 3 meter by 12 mm capacity
    • Punch and Shears (100t and 45t)
    • Section Rollers (80t)
    • Plate Rollers
    • Orbital Welders
    • Pulse Welding Machines (TIG & MIG)
    • Centre Lathes 2 metre
    • Hydraulic Press  (200t)
    • Hydraulic Pan Break
    • Milling Machines
    • Mobile Diesel Welding Equipment
    • Generator Sets
    • Mobile Site Workshops
    • Fully Equipped Site Vehicles


    BDR Stainless has a 1500m2 workshop in Tingalpa, Brisbane.  Our facility is equipped to support all of our activities.  BDR Stainless maintain an onsite capability serviced by our fleet of vehicles and mobile workshops.