Design, Fabrication Installation
& Maintenance Services.

Engineer, Design and Fabricate

Safety is at the core of all our activities

BDR Stainless conducts multi-faceted engineering activities for our customers.  We provide Design, Fabrication Installation and Maintenance Services.  Our well equipped workshop supports our activities across multiple industries and our Project Managers ensure we deliver on our promise.

BDR Stainless has an Integrated Management System which is 3rd party Certified.  Certification includes ISO 9001, AS/NZ4801, AS/NZ 14001 and is also TMR accredited.

  • What We Do
  • Projects

    BDR Stainless takes the time to understand our clients’ unique project requirements with a flexible approach that encourages innovation. Our experienced Team provide a wide range of specialist trades and they have the ability to successfully complete any project.

    Our guaranteed quality workmanship and client satisfaction ensures a smooth integration between BDR/client/project.


    Our Brisbane workshop is well equipped with the latest machinery.  Our workshop team is well lead by our experienced Operations Manager and together they produce exceptional quality fabrication services. BDR Stainless apply strict Quality Assurance measures through-out the life cycle of each project. Quality processes and documentation include; Weld Procedures, Welder Qualifications, ITP, Weld Mapping, QA Testing, NDT, MDR’s  as well as the use of other tools where required.

    On-Site Installation/Maintenance 

    BDR has excellent mechanical installation knowledge and experience. The Team has the ability to work within the clients constraints on brownfield and greenfield sites.  BDR Stainless bring an in-depth understanding of Plant Processes, Production, Planning and Construction to ensure minimal downtime.

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  • HSEQ
  • Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Systems

    Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection is at the core of all BDR Stainless’s activities.  

    We take pride in our 3rd party accredited Integrated Management System (IMS) so when you chose to work with our company you are assured that your work will be delivered safely, to the highest quality and with minimum impact to the environment.

    Our employees and sub-contractors are well presented and pride themselves on adhering to the IMS systems and processes.  At BDR Stainless, Safety Quality and Environmental protection are more than just “Systems and Paperwork”.  As a company, that includes the  senior management team, to the newest apprentice we have created a culture, where the highest standards are the minimum requirement. 

    BDR Stainless complies with all relevant Australian and international risk management legislation and regulatory acts and we are dedicated to maintaining our zero lost time frequency rate.

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  • Who We Are
  • Who We Are

    BDR Stainless was established in 2000 with a focus on Customer Service, Quality and Innovation for the Engineering, Maintenance and Services industry.

    With an established Project Management Office (PMO) and a well equipped manufacturing facility strategically located in Tingalpa, Brisbane, we support a variety of industries for both Australian and multinational companies.

    BDR provide a wide range of mechanical, engineering projects and maintenance services utilising the expertise and skills of a team that has worked together for many years. The BDR Stainless team, have a proven track record.

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    Our well equipped workshop supports our activities across multiple industries

    Experience you can trust