BDR Stainless: Your Stainless Steel Fabricator & Welder.
Companies in the food, beverage, dairy and services industries require welding or metal fabrication (specifically stainless) services, from time to time, for the installation, maintenance and repair of their machines and systems. What separates us from competing companies in our industry is that we’re a full-service metal fabricator and offer a variety of different types of welding work.

Welding Services to Satisfy Every Need

One of the great things about engaging BDR Stainless for an installation is that we’re able to bring everything needed to complete the project, including a fully functional on-site workshop. If you require new stainless piping systems to be integrated with existing machines, for instance, our full range of welding services will ensure the work is completed properly and on time. While any welder can handle welding machines and piping, only BDR Stainless can finish the work in such a way that it not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

TIG Welding

If an installation or maintenance at your place of business requires a TIG welder, look no further than BDR Stainless. We can provide one TIG welder or the TIG welding team you will need to ensure the job is completed and completed beyond the TIG standards required for your industry.

MIG Welding

In addition to our TIG services, BDR Stainless is able to offer MIG welding to those companies who require it for installations, maintenance and repairs. Just like our TIG welding services, when you choose MIG services from BDR Stainless you can rest assured that all metal work will be performed by a properly trained and certified MIG welder.

A Metal Fabricator that Offers Versatility

One of the many benefits of working with BDR Stainless is that we have the people, equipment and training necessary to complete a wide range of metal work, in stainless steel, duplex carbon steel and PVC, for our customers. While another local fabricator may only be capable of completing small scale process piping projects with a metal like stainless steel, we’re able to satisfy all stainless metal work needs no matter how large or small. What’s more is that just like our TIG and MIG work, as your metal fabricator we will bring our mobile workshop to you.

We’ve established an outstanding reputation within the industry, as our ability to deliver only the best quality metal work and customer service speaks for itself.

If you require metal work, including welding such as TIG or MIG, the work of a stainless steel fabricator or related services, get in touch with us for your no obligation consultation: 07 3393 6441.