Satisfying Your Piping Systems Needs
While there is a huge range of different things for which companies in the food, beverage, dairy and services industries use pipes, the thing these industries have in common is that any and all stainless steel pipes need to not only be fabricated with precision and care, but also installed correctly. It’s one thing to purchase a section of piping from a supplier, but it’s another thing all together to have all those lengths of pipe installed by the people who make quality piping and fabrications for your piping systems needs.

Strong as Steel: Quality Stainless to Satisfy a Range of Pipe Needs
BDR Stainless provides businesses operating in the food, beverage, dairy and services industries with a variety of steel pipe services, from the fabrication of process piping or small parts and connectors that fit with sections of pipe made from only the best quality steel, the installation of new steel pipe to the replacement and repair of existing stainless pipes.

Stainless Steel Pipe Installations
When you engage BDR Stainless to install any amount of stainless steel pipe, you’re selecting a company that not only has the know-how to get the job done right, the first time, but that will actually bring a mobile workshop to your premises, ensuring there’s as little down-time as possible for your business while we install any amount of new pipe. With the right personnel, equipment and training, our team can install new stainless steel pipe or replace existing piping fast and efficiently.

Only the Best Quality Steel
It goes without saying that the industries we serve demand that only the highest quality materials are used in their processes. To ensure our clients’ satisfaction, we only use the best quality stainless materials and products. The same can be said for the quality of our workmanship, whether we’re fabricating a part for your processes out of stainless or installing every section of piping in your new plant.
When it comes to stainless steel, look no further than BDR Stainless to satisfy all your pipe needs. Call us at 07 3393 6441 for a no obligation consultation and let’s discuss your unique piping needs.